Minimum one hundred thousand monthly income.  

  Join REMAX to be an entrepreneur.  


  NO threshold, NO franchise fees, franchise strategy and consulting services.  


  Four core advantages that helps you operating store easily.  


  Advantage 1:  NO threshold NO franchise fees.  

NO franchise fees! NO security deposit! NO Brand Royalty!
Welcome to join REMAX if you are passion about doing a startup, no requirement is needed as long as you have an ambitious heart!


  Advantage 2:  Standardize Franchising Store Design.  

Join us to enjoy the expert advises of franchising store design guidance, product display, franchising support and market strategy etc.


  Advantage 3:  Personal Training and Guidance.  

Provide personal training and guidance for your operation team!
Remax will have sales, product and management trainings regularly at headquarter, and the conference is held by our experienced tutors.


  Advantage 4:  Regular Promotional Activities.  

Promotional activities to boost sales regularly!
Regular promotion, seasonal marketing and advertising plans to draw consumer’s attention.


  More than 5,600 stores worldwide.  

  More than 2,800 SKUs, average 60+ products launch monthly.  

  The best well-known brand for over 2 million consumers!  



We strive to launch at least 60+ products per month as trend changes quickly nowadays,
Remax always staythe product iterate quickly, launching 60+ new products per month, always stay in the forefront of the trend.



Compared with other equivalent quality products in the market, we have more competitive and affordable prices!



All products have been tested by the national quality system, authentic quality!



Self-owned factories, original design, fashionable with superior quality!



More than 2,800 SKUs, rich product collection includes the entire communications electronics market!

CONTACT: Gerry Tang 

Wechat: remaxgerry
Mobile: +86 13501598613 




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